Management Concepts


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In order for a business to function, there must be some kind of overarching authority to guide and control daily operations. Management is responsible for organising and allocating the company’s productive resources (materials, labour, money, etc.). Therefore, management is responsible for guiding a company to success. The production resources are just that, resources, if there aren’t competent managers and strong management leadership to put them to use. The ability of a company to adapt to a dynamic market and a challenging business climate depends on the calibre of its management team and its ability to execute effectively. In today’s environment, management is very important, impacting not just the well-being of the populace but also the country’s overall trajectory. Concept, nature, scope, and function of management are all presented in this book. This book distinguishes between management as well as administration and explains if management is an art or a science. Additionally, the book discusses Principles of Management, a text that teaches future business leaders the fundamentals of management by tying together the themes of strategy and active leadership further in the chapters.

Dr. R. Srinivasan, Dr. A. Natherusain, Tushar Soubhari, Prof. K. Naraesh






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