Natural Resource Management For Sustainable Agriculture


Agriculture has been called the backbone of our economy because it gives most Indians a way to make a living and makes sure they always have food. As the global population rises, so too does the need for more agricultural products including food, fodder, fibre, fuel, lumber, and industrial raw materials. Producing more and more with fewer and fewer resources is becoming more necessary. Although the agricultural industry has made great strides forward, there is still more work to be done to enhance productivity and catch up to other nations. Sustainable food security can only be attained if the problems of agricultural production are solved. As this book, the agricultural industry has evolved significantly during the last several decades. Improving agriculture’s output, productivity, and long-term viability is crucial in the current economic and ecological context, and this development is highly dependent on the efficient use and management of natural resources. Agriculture and its production depend critically on the long-term viability of its natural resources, such as land and water. This book discusses the major topics in the field of Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture such as understanding the energy with their resources, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and weather with crop production.
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Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey, Dr. Niru Kumari,Dr. Manoj Kumar

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