New Trends in English Language Teaching & Learning


This book suggests a novel approach to teaching English, drawing on ideas from English for Specific Purposes (ESP) studies and real-world applications, and also the expanding body of research connecting pattern recognition as well as language acquisition. The authors claim that students should not aim to achieve idealistic native-like proficiency in all aspects of the language, but rather should focus on acquiring the skills necessary to achieve their individual objectives. Those in the domains of academia, research, as well as post-graduate study who are interested in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) will find this book to be of considerable interest. This books goal is to provide the groundwork for defining the state of the discipline today, including the most widely held perspectives. Therefore, the book addresses the ideas, beliefs, knowledge, techniques, and practices of TESOL professionals in an effort to better educate teachers. This book is intended for future and current teachers of English like a foreign language, educator’s trainers, and teachers of modern languages who are engaged in the teaching of any languages. The main objective is to assist readers in assisting themselves. Therefore, the reader is urged to investigate the process of teaching foreign languages in order to enhance his or her own pedagogical methods and to make the process of teaching foreign languages easier, enjoyable, and productive.
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Dr. M. Vanisree

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