Pharmaceutical Technology And Process


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Recent materials, process development, and drug delivery strategies are explored through the Challenges faced by Pharmaceutical Technology. Techniques for the statistical formulation optimization, the Quality by design along with process analytical technologies, and the use of a wide range of pharmaceutical biomaterials—from natural polymers and synthetic polymers to modified-natural polymers, bioceramics, as well as other bioinorganica—are all covered in detail. As the area of pharmaceuticals continues to expand at a fast pace, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the procedures, formulation innovations, investigations, and exploitation of pharmaceutical biomaterials used in the production of pharmacological dosage forms. From the first stages of medication development to production, methods and technology, rules and regulations, and finally, marketing, this book covers it all. Everything an undergraduate student of pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences needs to know about pharmaceuticals is covered in this book, from active pharmaceutical components through the manufacture of different dosage forms and the associated chemistry. This book details the process through which a certain medicine was developed, tested, and ultimately brought to market. It describes all drugs that are discovered, how they work, the challenges of experimenting with them, why different dosages work, how quality is ensured, and the responsibilities of regulatory organizations. Quality assurance, product security, medicine counterfeiting and misuse, and pharmaceuticals’ potential for the future are all discussed in depth.

Dr. Abhinandan Ravsaheb Patil, Miss. Nita Bhauso Pawar, Prof. Dr. Madhuri Walvekar, Mr. Deepak Vamanrao Mahuli






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