Pharmacy Practice


The purpose of this book is to further the understanding of basic disease mechanisms in clinical settings, as well as the aetiology, systems, and clinical implications of pathological alterations in cells, tissues, organs, or systems. In order for pharmacy students to comprehend the relationship between symptoms and disease, which may be beneficial in diagnosis, the book offers pharmacy students with the pathogenesis and clinical picture of numerous diseases that impact the human body. These ideas are used in a systems-oriented approach to the disease processes that involve the musculoskeletal, cardiac, neurological, gastrointestinal, immunological, haematological, and endocrine systems. The effects of disease states & conditions on drug pharmacokinetics and dosing, as well as drug interactions which may occur with the concurrent use of other agents, are all discussed in this book. Clinical monitoring parameter for the therapeutic response and toxicity, as well as basic “clinical pharmacokinetic” parameters for compound, are also discussed.
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Dr. R. E. Ugandar, Mr. Panshul Chauhan, Mrs. Meena Bandiya, Dr. R. Kavya

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