Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education


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Both education and philosophy are inextricably linked to one another. It was through the knowledge power that our philosophers created a foundation for educational ideas and established the stepping stone for the contemporary education system & educational institutions that are in place today. This book provides an exhaustive description of the basic ideas that have been given down by philosophers, as well as the role that society has played in moulding these views. The book should begin with an explanation of various philosophies, such as “idealism, naturalism, pragmatism”, etc. It should then continue on to discuss the many philosophers, both Indian and Western, and what they have contributed to the field of education. The book continues on to discuss the role that a child’s family, friends, and community have in the child’s general growth and development. In addition, the chapters provide light on the role that institutions such as schools, universities, and homes play.





Drx. Swati Garg, Shivani Garg






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