Physical Pharmaceutics


This book is for understanding the different physical and physicochemical features of the substances (drugs and excipients), which enables the pharmacist to pick the appropriate sort of substance for the creation of the dosage form. These also make it possible to construct the appropriate sort of environment that is required for the manufacturing and preservation of the medication. It is crucial to understand the chemical and physical principles, as well as their influence on biological activity. The study of chemistry and physics as they are applied to the field of pharmacy is the focus of the field of pharmacy known as “physical pharmacy.” To put it another way, it is the study of the impact that various delivery systems have on their surroundings by addressing concerns at the molecular level. This book will be of great aid to both researchers and industry experts in getting a grasp of the principles of physical pharmaceutics. Both groups will find the book to be of great benefit.
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Professor (Dr.) D.Christopher Vimalson ,Dr. Lagnajit Mahapatra

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