Physiotherapy In Sports


For a long time, physiotherapy has been used to treat injuries caused by sports, athletic performance, or other physical activity by specialists in the area known as physiotherapists. This book, titled Physiotherapy in Sports, is entirely dedicated to the use of physiotherapy in the field of sports and the injuries associated with it. The book begins with a thorough understanding of physiotherapy in general for the reader who is reading about the topic for the first time. The first chapter of the book describes the circumstances required for a sportsperson on the field, such as food and nutrition, pre-exercise examination, and many forms of pre-game tests. The second chapter of the book discusses the whole muscle system of the human body in connection to physiotherapy as a therapeutic approach, as well as the influence of exercise on various types of systems inside the body. After this, the third and fourth chapters are entirely devoted to an in-depth examination of injuries to the spine, shoulders, knee, leg, wrist, and elbow, as well as their treatments. Finally, chapter five addresses the idea of minimizing the likelihood of injuries and principles of rehabilitation. It also discusses how to reduce senior injuries in sports and physical exercise.
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Mr. Gandra Sridhar Rao, Dr. Kadiervel.K, Dr. Sanghpal W. Narnaware, Dr. Shailendra D. Giripunje

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