Plant Pathology and Plant Diseases


One of the most important subfields of agriculture and horticulture, plant pathology, has grown and taken on new dimensions during the last three decades. Fulfilling the long-felt need of pathologists and students for comprehensive book on fundamentals of plant pathology is a source of great joy and happiness for us. This book will undoubtedly be useful for the young, asporing, budding plant pathology imaginations to take up subject with confidence because it presents the fundamentals of fungi, bacteria, viruses, classifications, and principles of the plant pathology in a condensed form that is easily understood by undergradure students. Plant pathology is study of the living things and environmental factors that cause disease in plants, mechanisms through which these factors cause disease in plants, interactions between the disease-causing agents and diseased plant, and the methods for preventing disease, mitigating its effects, or controlling disease either before it develops in a plant. Most plant diseases are caused by biotic organisms. The most prevalent plant diseases include those caused by fungus, bacteria, phytoplasmas, viruses, viroids, nematodes, and parasitic higher plants. Abiotic disorders are triggered by factors other than infectious ones. Disorders may be caused by a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to: temperature and moisture extremes, light and nutrition extremes, bad soil, pesticide and pollution exposure, severe winds and hail, and poor cultural practises. The damage produced by insect assaults and competition from noxious plants (weeds) are other problems they face. Plant pathology studies often do not include plant damage from humans, other animals, or insects.
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Dr. Mayur Arun Dongre, Dr. Mohd. Shaikhul Ashraf, Dr. Ashok Kumar Koshariya, Dr. P. Reddypriya

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