Polymer Chemistry


Macromolecules, or polymers, are enormous molecules made up of repeating chemical components called monomers, and polymer chemistry is the study of their production, characterisation, and characteristics. Managing polymer architectures and deciphering structure-property interactions is a major focus of the polymer chemistry. Over the last several decades, the new polymerization processes have allowed for significant improvements in manipulating polymer topologies and microstructures. In the vast majority of polymers, the repeat units of the backbones are joined by a single bond, albeit this may be the double or triple bond based on a hybridization state of atoms. Ladder polymers, defined by IUPAC in 1993, differ from almost all other forms of polymers in that they are composed of a continuous succession of rings, with neighbouring rings sharing two or more atoms in common. Ladder polymers’ very restrictive ring connections preclude significant bond rotation, which would otherwise necessitate bood breakage. Such unique structures, with their attendant fascinating features, have perpetually prompted chemical researchers to devise new synthetic approaches to get access to the ladder polymers. Polymers are at the heart of a raging technological and scientific upheaval. Several interrelated variables have contributed to this revolutionary shift. The availability of novel materials, improved synthetic methods, and cutting-edge analytical equipment are all contributing elements. This new version of the book delves into the many facets of this revolution. many of which are crucial. The fundamental ideas introduced in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biological chemistry are typically the foundation for these breakthroughs.
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Dr. Jaidev Kumar, Ms. Varsha Tekdas Shewate, Dr. Mohd Rashid, Dr. Aarti Trehan

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