Principles Of Data Analytics


Principles of Data Analytics refer to the process of using methods from the field of data science to derive useful information. Data collection is the first phase, followed by data preparation, and finally the use of different data analytics tools to get useful insights. The information gained through analysing, modelling, or visually representing data may be put to use in audit preparation and execution, and includes but is not limited to spotting trends, patterns, deviations, discrepancies, and relationships among data pieces. Competitive advantage may be gained by the use of data analytics, which allows for more informed decision-making. The public and commercial sectors are still experimenting with and exploring the potential benefits of data analytics since the field is continually developing. This book covers the fundamentals of data analytics, including how to get started with the area, what “big data” is, how to use Apache Hadoop, and how to visualise your data for better business decisions. In addition to its usefulness in ensuring data security, this book also discusses the foundation, ethics, and cutting-edge developments in the field of data analytics.
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Ms. Charu Awasthi, Ms. Surbhi Vijh, Dr. Arpita Grover, Dr. Mayank Singh

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