Process Of Research Methodology


A quest for knowledge is referred to as a “research” in everyday language. A systematic and scientific search for relevant. knowledge on a certain subject may also be referred to as research. In reality, scientific inquiry itself is an art form that involves research. Some individuals see research as a progression, one that goes from the familiar to the strange. This trip is a true exploration. Inquisitiveness is a fundamental human trait since it compels us to wonder and investigate in order to get a deeper and deeper grasp of the world around us. Curiosity is the seed from which all knowledge grows, and the process by which humans learn about the world is what we call research. Research is often defined as the use of scientific inquiry to address and resolve issues. The scientific technique of analysis is carried out in a methodical, systematic, and intensive manner. Knowledge may be acquired in a variety of ways. There are several valid modes of reasoning, including intuition, revelation, authority, logical manipulations of fundamental assumptions, educated guessing, observation, and comparison. Empirical research is a kind of research that emphasizes concrete outcomes. There are many tiers of instruction for the research process. This book is written for those who are unfamiliar with research and may have some kind of mental block about getting started.
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Dr. Yuvaraj Dhandapani, Dr. Alaguraja Palanichamy, Dr. S.Kanchana, Ms. V.Vijayalakshmi

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