Remote Sensing And Its Application In Studying


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“Remote sensing is defined as the science and art of obtaining information about an object, area, or phenomenon through the analyses of data acquired by the sensor that is not in direct contact with the target of investigation”. The book provides a scientific explanation of remote sensing, including its nature, methodology, and potential applications. The authors show readers how to utilise a regular desktop computer to access a broad range of satellite imagery and explain how this data may be put to use in the monitoring of environmental changes in four different types of settings: urban, natural, terrestrial, and coastal. Originally developed as a collection of computer programmes a few decades ago, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are now widely used as a potent planning tool for a wide range of physical and human endeavours, including but not limited to: regional planning; scientific research; strategic management; decision support system; disease analysis and prevention; industrial location analysis; environmental management applications; and military simulations. The range of fields that make use of GIS has expanded significantly in recent years.

Dr. Syed Omar Ballari, Dhruv Saxena, Akash Gupta, Dr. Tarun Gehlot






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