Research Methodology And Scientific Approach


Methodology in research refers to a set of guidelines for designing and carrying out a study. The methodology is a broad phrase that may refer to several different aspects of a study’s execution, including but not limited to its planning, execution, and analysis. The goal of research methodology is to provide answers to a wide range of questions about a research problem or study, such as: why the study was conducted; how the research problem was defined; how and why the hypothesis was formulated; what data were gathered; what method was used to analyze the data; and so on. A researcher will use a research technique to explain how and why they are doing their study. Study methodology provides the proper setting for the researcher to plot out the study project in context and create sound preparations at the appropriate moment. Moreover, the research technique encourages the researcher to participate actively in the study of his or her chosen topic. In most cases, the study subject and the research purpose will be different from one another, but this may be overcome by using an appropriate approach. In contrast to research methods, which are the particular procedures and instruments used for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, research methodology refers to the overarching plan or approach used in conducting a study.
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Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singh

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