Research Methodology In Management And Commerce



The book provides an invaluable tool for scholars, learners, and professionals in the disciplines of commerce and management if one takes research techniques into account. The book needs to provide a comprehensive delineation of its aims and extent concerning the particular facets of commerce and management that it endeavours to examine. This furnishes an outline for readers regarding the anticipated content of the book.
A conceptual framework that serves as the underpinning for the subjects explored is frequently incorporated into an extensive textbook in commerce and management. This may require the application of pre-existing theories and models that are pertinent to the discipline. Researchers in the fields of business and management are welcome to share their findings using a variety of study methods and approaches. This may encompass analyses of unconventional approaches frequently employed in these disciplines, such as experimental designs, polls, case studies, and more.
The book may explore various methods of data acquisition, with a particular focus on their suitability and efficacy within the realm of research on businesses and management. This may include interviews, focus groups, surveys, and other techniques. Some examples of possible topics covered in a book with an eye towards the future include new developments and potential paths taken by research methods in the fields of business and management. This functionality aids readers in remaining updated on the dynamic research environment within these disciplines.
In brief, a book devoted to research methodology in the domains of commerce and management ought to function as an all-encompassing manual, providing practical illustrations, ethical deliberations, and theoretical perspectives that are pertinent to the pursuit of significant research in these ever-evolving and cross-disciplinary seminars.

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Dr. Vaishnavi Sharma

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