Sociology and It’s Theories


The study of people and their culture forms the foundation of the science of sociology. It combines the systematic study of the development, structure, interpersonal dynamics, and attitudes of human groups. For scientists, social theorists, and activists, sociology lays the way for understanding society. Also, it aids them in enhancing the standard of living for all members of society. The ideas of sociology & society, how people behave in societies, how culture affects human personality, traits, and functions are the main topics of this book. It also examines the connection between social contact and socialisation. It introduces the reader to the fundamental ideas of sociology, including customs, competition, and conflict, social control social institutions, roles, formal and informal agents of social control, politics and religion, and the social conflict and the social change.
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Dr. Sneh Kumar Meshram, Dr. Gyanendra Rawat, Dr. T.V.S. Padmaja, Dr. Uma Rajmohan

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