Soil Conservation And Land Management


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Soil degradation is one of the major global threats. globally 2.6 billion people depend on agriculture but 52% of the land used for agriculture is moderately or severely affected by soil degradation, land degradation affects 1.5 billion people globally, due to drought and desertification annually 12 million hectares are lost where 20 million tons of grain could have been grown, 74% of the poor are directly affected by land degradation, about 1 billion people do not have sufficient food and access to safe water and It had been agreed that natural capital mainly the land resources are the foundation of our society and economy, this is a major vision of the sustainable development goals. This book summarizes the contents briefly in terms of analysing causes, soil conservation and remediation techniques. This book covers topic like Land evaluation and land use planning, Soil health, Soil degradation, Fundamentals of soil science, Soil Colloids, Soil Organic Matter, Soil resistance and resilience, Nutrient depletion and Preservation, Land use changes, Bio-diverse regions with particular reference to the Himalaya and the Western Ghats, Loss of biodiversity, Emerging threats of land degradation to developing countries etc. This book is being written with the intention of guiding and helpful for the students who are looking for gaining more knowledge for soil conservation and other related topics.

Ramya Ranjan Behera, Dr. K Narasimhulu, Dr. Vinda Manjramkar , Dr. Saurav






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