Sustainable farming means different things to different people, however they all share a common concern in preventing the degradation of some aspect of the farm. Certain agricultural practitioners exhibit a primary preoccupation with the deterioration of natural resources, such as the diminishing productivity of their land. The book is intended for a wide range of readers, including educators, scholars, policymakers, and students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It specifically caters to those studying soil science, soil microbiology, agronomy, ecology, and environmental sciences. Additionally, the objective of this initiative is to foster students’ active participation in a discerning analysis of the transformative capacity of social movements in effecting systemic shifts within the realm of food production and distribution. This book examines many contemporary advancements in technology and methodology that contribute to the attainment of sustainable agriculture. The key topics addressed include the increasing role of biofertilizers in sustainable agriculture, green synthesized nanoparticles for higher crop production rates, eco-friendly plant-based pesticides as alternatives to synthetic/chemical pesticides, use of genomics for improved plant breeding practices, and the use of biochar to increase the water-holding capacity in soil.

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Dr. Bhagwat B. Gadekar, Dr. Uddhav M. Ghodake

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