Teacher Education : General and Modern Perspective


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Teacher education is an increasingly complex and challenging area of research and practice ultimately vital for generations. This book imparts insight and directions for both research and practice in teacher education. Chapters cover a variety of topics, such as collaborative teaching experiences, creativity education in curricula, innovations in science and technology in education, new techniques for learning and teaching subjects such as entrepreneurship, history, mathematics, science, technology, heritage, and early childhood education, and using online social platforms in education. This book, Teacher Education, introduces the students to the concept of teacher education and, discussing the ethics of teaching as a profession, evaluate trends of research in teacher education in India and abroad. This book has been written in the self-instructional mode (SIM) wherein each unit begins with an ‘Introduction’ to the topic followed by an outline of the ‘Unit Objectives’.

Dr. Ghanshyam Vatsa, Dr. K. Nandagopal, Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Mr. Jugal Kishore






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