The Process Of Research Methodology


The Process of Research Methodology is a way to figure out how to solve a research problem in a planned way. It is the study of the methodology of scientific inquiry. It is the standard operating method through which researchers describe, evaluate, and anticipate phenomena. The goal is to provide the research work plan. Methods, materials, scientific instruments, and approaches pertinent to the problem’s resolution are all covered. According to the author of this book, research methods include everything and everything utilized to carry out research. This term alludes to the means through which researchers carry out their investigations. Although the goal of research is to uncover the hidden and undiscovered truth or to establish (verify) an established fact, the purpose of research is to find answers to problems via the application of the scientific knowledge and techniques. This book covers important issues in the area of research methodology, including introduction to research, study planning with sample design, and data collecting techniques with emphasis on the value of data analysis. The book goes on to discuss the key aspects of hypothesis formulation in the research and test technique, including examples from the fields of science and business.
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Dr. Rajesh Verma, Prof. Mrs. Aayushi Bansal, Pl. Arundhatee Mishra, Dr. Vijyata

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