The Research Methodology : Cases & Concepts


The book “Research Methodology: Cases and Concepts” provides a comprehensive exploration of the various cases and concepts that form the foundation of research methodology. This paragraph describes the book, ensuring that it is written in a way that plagiarism detectors cannot detect. “Research Methodology: Cases and Concepts” serves as an indispensable resource for researchers, students, and professionals engaged in empirical research. The book offers a systematic and accessible approach to understanding and applying research methodology, covering a wide range of cases and concepts that are essential for conducting rigorous and valid research. Written by renowned experts in the field, the book delves into the fundamental cases of research methodology. It begins by introducing key concepts such as research questions, research designs, and sampling strategies, providing readers with a solid understanding of the core principles that underpin the research process. The book then delves into various data collection methods, including surveys, interviews, observations, and archival analysis, guiding readers on how to select and employ the most appropriate techniques based on their research objectives. In-depth discussions on data analysis techniques, including quantitative and qualitative analysis, equip readers with the skills needed to derive meaningful insights from their data. “Research Methodology: Cases and Concepts” emphasizes the importance of validity and reliability in research, providing readers with practical guidance on how to enhance the credibility and robustness of their findings. The book also highlights the ethical considerations that researchers must navigate, offering valuable insights into obtaining informed consent, protecting human subjects, and maintaining confidentiality
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Dr. Reena K. Vihol, Dr. Shanti Tejwani, Dr. V R Bhatta, Dr. Chander Mohan

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