The Science Behind Sociology


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This book, aptly titled “the science behind sociology,” presents a balanced view of the discipline. Although it’s brief on information, this book provides just what you need to know. So, whether the reader is new to the subject or just doing some background reading, he or she will feel at ease. We can all agree that more individuals should make an effort to learn about and understand sociology because of how relevant its concepts are to our everyday lives. This book explains the basics of sociology and its significance in a way that even a complete beginner to the field may understand. As a result of reading this book, the reader will have a much deeper understanding of the subject matter, and will be better equipped to tackle coursework, theses, and other research projects involving sociology’s foundational concepts and methods. This book on sociology will provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the nature of biochemistry and its constituents by providing concise definitions of social groupings, social control, and other processes.

Dr. Sneh Kumar Meshram, Ms. Preeti Manan, Ms. Elin Ekka, Dr. Thirumalesha






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