Transportation And Highway Engineering


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There can be no thriving local or national economy without a reliable and well-maintained land transportation network. In order to facilitate economic expansion and social development, society relies on a reliable and convenient land transportation network, and roads have always been and will always be an integral part of this system. Road’s relevance and utility have grown with the development of faster and more efficient forms of transportation and the rapid acceleration of economic activity in modern human civilization. However, when careful consideration is not given to road development at the stages of planning, design, building, and management, the potential for negative consequences has increased in proportion. The discipline of highway engineering has to go beyond just satisfying the fundamental necessities of delivering safe and rapid access from one location to another, to an area of study that not only includes “the structural and functional requirements of highways” and city streets, but also handles the socio-economic and environmental implications of road network growth, allowing us to maximise the advantages and limit the negative effects of road construction. These “softer” elements of “highway engineering” and the social duties of highway engineers are not fully covered in the traditional engineering curriculum. This book has five chapters devoted to Transportation & Highway Engineering in an effort to give these subjects the attention they deserve. Most experts believe that in today’s world, a highway engineer has to be well-versed in topics as diverse as highway funding, access management, environmental implications, road safety, and noise. Students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of civil engineering as well as highway engineering should find the five chapters adequate for understanding the environmental and social obligations of a highway engineer. There is also a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the movement toward privati

Dr. Syed Omar Ballari, Dr. S.Thenmozhi, Rajneesh Sharma, Dr. Tarun Gehlot






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