Wildlife Conservation And Management


Understanding demographics, animal behavior, and the dynamics of ecosystems is necessary for applying modern ideas of sustainable wildlife management and conservation, which Include the protection of endangered species. This creates a unified, cohesive work that is geared for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students by weaving together a variety of diverse themes. This provides an introduction to important ecological concepts, such as the values of animals, the study and management of habitats, demography, and the development and control of populations. Thereafter, population dynamics are explored in depth, along with the many forms of animal conservation and their methods. The new quantitative procedures that have been developed over the course of the previous ten years are now considered to be so vital to management that we have incorporated them at the most fundamental levels. In addition, the book has a few chapters that will be helpful to practical wildlife management learners and those working in the area generally. This book discusses contemporary approaches to censure, the use of age and stage-structured data in demography research, and the utilization of models as effective tools for determining appropriate courses of action. It highlights the fact that all issues pertaining to wildlife must be handled within the context of the whole ecosystem, and that these issues cannot be resolved in isolation from other species and ecosystems. This book gives the reader a more comprehensive understanding of the procedures and specifics involved in the protection and management of wildlife.
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Dr. Singray Saleeb Kullu, Dr. Reetu, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Meena Das

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