Wireless Communication Technology And Techniques


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The term “wireless communication” refers to the transmission of data between nodes without the need of a physical media such as an electrically conducting, fiber optics, or any other continuous directed channel. Radio waves are used by the vast majority of wireless technology. It includes a wide range of permanent, mobile, including portable technologies such two-way communicators, mobile communications, digital assistants, as well as networking technologies. Devices including global positioning systems (GPS), garage door operators, connecting computers mice, keyboards, earphones, headsets, radio communication, satellite TV, broadcast TV, and cordless telephones are all instances of how radio wireless technologies are put for using. Other electromagnetic phenomenon, like light, electric or magnetic fields, or the application of sound, are also used to provide wireless technology, however these approaches are less popular. This book covers topics like Wireless Communication Introduction, Fundamentals of Transmission, Communication Network, Switching Techniques, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Protocols and the TCP/IP Suite, The TCP/IP Protocol Architecture, Internetworking, Antennas and Propagation, Line-of-Sight Transmission, Signal Encoding Techniques, Spread Spectrum, Techniques for Spread Spectrum, Code Division Multiple Access, Coding and Error Control and many more.

Dr. Aaditya Khare, Dr. Syed Jahangir Badashah, Dr. P Rajani Kumari, C. Sathya






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