Zoology : Animal Distribution Evolution And Development Biology


Since ecological systems are so intricately designed, it is not unexpected that many ecological ideas and concepts have not yet been defined exactly. The scientific method as applied to the study of nature is where ecology gets its start. Ecology is a typically bottom up discipline, meaning that it applies the scientific method to actual facts and processes in order to gradually build a body of knowledge which may give the foundation for useful generalizations. This is in contrast to a discipline who’s experimental practice is guided by laws as well as invincible paradigms. However, the necessity to account for all conceivable differences clashes with the generalizability of ecological processes. In this context, the precision of findings obtained via the analysis of real situations becomes crucial. In particular, we need to apply a more scientifically rigorous technique to the study of animal ecology. Animal populations are dynamic in space, subject to significant environmental variation, characterized by a robust stochastic demographic component, engaged in intricate interspecific & intraspecific interactions as well as relationships with abiotic environment. That’s why it’s taken longer to apply scientific methods & rigorous designs for experiments to them than it has to other scientific pursuits. Nonetheless, there is no clear reason to research animal populations without more discipline.
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Dr. Kamble Kalyani Jaysing, Dr. Mansoor Ahmad,Ms. Shaikh Nilofar Amin, Dr. Manisha Kol

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