Zoology: Conservation And Management


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Understanding the important roles that wild animals play in the world today is a very important subject. They are an important part of the ecosystem because they are a natural resource that can be used over and over again. They play an important role in maintaining food webs and food chains, keeping ecological balance in the natural world, and making sure that all living things, including humans, have clean places to live. This book talks about animal welfare, veterinary care, handling, and transportation. It also talks about zoos and zoo exhibit design; animal nutrition; reproduction; behaviour (including enrichment and training); and animal behaviour. The book also talks about zoos and how to design zoo exhibits. It focuses on how zoos work, their history, how they are run, the ethics of running a zoo, as well as zoo law and laws that protect animals. For wild animal species to be kept, protected, and reproduced scientifically and responsibly across the country, we have a hard job of educating the majority of the public, and maybe even everyone in the country. They should be kept up not only to the optimal density but also to the desired result, above the carrying capacity so that they can be harvested for money. This management should go on until the right number of animals are in the area.

Dr. Parimala B., Dr. Ghulam Nabi Lone, Dr. Saman Siddiqui, Dr. Padma Sreelatha






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